Wedding Dress Cleaning

Pre-Book Your Bridal Gown Pick-Up From Your Hotel the Day After Your Wedding

You can organise the concierge at your hotel to pick up your dress from your room the morning after your wedding, we may then pick up your gown without disturbing you. You can also arrange a pick up of your dress from a residential address and have it returned to you when you return from your honeymoon.

We are professional in wedding dress cleaning and repairing all bridal wear including:
  • Bridal Gowns – Plain, Lace, Silk, Beaded, Short or Long Trains
  • Bridal Veils
  • Petticoats
  • Bridesmaids Dresses
  • Mother of the Bride Garments
  • Bridal Gloves and Shoes

A wedding dress is perhaps the most special and emotive garment you will ever own. We understand this, and for this reason we are dedicated to providing you with outstanding service in the cleaning of your wedding dress.

Before cleaning your bridal gown, we inspect it to ascertain which treatment best benefits your dress, in some instances the fabric and makeup of the dress can determine how the dress will perform during the cleaning process. Once cleaned we re-inspect your dress and decide if any more treatment is necessary. Only once we are completely satisfied your dress is clean; we press your bridal gown by hand.

Once the dress is ready, we invite you to inspect your dress upon your request  after which you can either take your dress as it is or have it packaged in acid-free tissue paper and placed into a box for posterity.

There are many wedding gown dry cleaners in Toronto. However, not all of them offer quality results or satisfactory cleaning processes. Our experienced staff will take care of your delicate dress not only during the cleaning process, but afterwards.

We can provide a quote to you before it is cleaned to ensure that you are aware what the cost will be; especially if you have experienced a trash the dress photo. Cleaning your wedding dress is an investment worth making if you wish to keep your bridal gown. In some cases we cannot be held responsible for damage to the dress during the cleaning, especially if there is no care label or stubborn stains that cannot be removed especially along the hem line, including embellishments that do not perform well during the cleaning.

We will inspect your dress thoroughly with you and ensure that we are aware of any stains or damage that may have occurred on your wedding day. We can also discuss what repairs if any you would like us to look at before we start to work on your dress. Please call us on 416-505-7005 to make an appointment.

Pre Wedding Day – Gown Pressing

Our wedding gown specialists can take care of your dress and wedding veil before your special day.

We help you to get the look you have always wanted pre-wedding, ensuring everything is perfect. We can steam press your gown and veil, then deliver them to you on your special day. We can place it on a mannequin so that it stays in shape correctly and photos can be taken of the dress beautifully presented as a keepsake.

Wedding Dress Keepsake Box

Storing Your wedding dress is especially important if you want to pass on your dress to your daughter or other family members to wear one day. Once cleaned and inspected by our quality control team, we then place the dress in a keepsake box along with acid-free tissue paper. We can arrange for you to inspect the dress prior to packing and pick up if you would prefer.