Repairs and Alterations

We strongly believe that your clothes do not fit well, nothing matters anymore. As the fit is a crucial aspect of style, the price, brand, and other issue are not countable without it.

Door 2 Door provides complete clothing repair and alteration services in the GTA and the surrounding areas. We strive to let you benefit from quality alteration every time you visit our company. Our professional experts do care about what they do. Our tailors are garment craftsmen with years of experience. We are confident enough to accept all types of garments of varying fabrics for alterations.

When you need repairs and alterations to your clothing, you need to find a seamstress that you can trust. Finding the right provider that uses advanced techniques and takes care of each garment will ensure that you get a quality finished product. Door 2 Door Dry Cleaning will do all this for you.

Our competitive pricing means it is probably not as expensive or unaffordable as you may think.


  • Hems
  • Seams
  • Button replacement
  • Small rips and tears
  • Original hems on jeans
  • Repairing pulls and holes on knitwear
  • Seams and zips on leather
  • Taking in or out of pants, dresses, skirts, jackets, shirts
  • Repairing pockets
  • Replacing hooks, loops, buttons
  • All repairs on silk and other fragile fabrics