Dry Cleaning Service

Dry Cleaning as it best!  At Door to Door, we aim to keep your wardrobe looking new and astonishing. There, our highly trained dry cleaning Stain Specialists tackle even the most stubborn stains with great success. Our distinguished cleaning process makes your clothes last longer. It takes a mere seven seconds to make a first impression; You never get a second chance, so make sure your dresses, shirts, suits, and other items always look their very best!

Our finishing department makes sure your clothing is pressed for success. Finally, not one, not two… but four inspection points will give you the confidence that your garment will be done right the first time.

It’s not only the mind-blowing dry-cleaning service, but also the free pick-up and delivery right at your door step. You can schedule pick-ups and drop offs with ease using your own handy online account!

Our Dry-Cleaning Process:

Once we receive your clothes, our professionals inspect the fabric for any tear, damage, different stains or missing buttons. And inform you about any if available.

The very important next step is tagging the fabric with the customer ID.

As per you know, stains do vary; they may be caused by tea, milk, oil, mud, ink, etc. Here, our well-trained cleaners try to remove stains with sufficient solvent depending on the type of fabric and stains.  Our professional cleaners applied chemical solvent, vacuum or heat on stains that help in removing stains during the process.

The primary process comes right after pre-spotting. Here, the fabric is put in the machine and treated with a solvent.  In this step, there are rapid spins that clothes get rid of any excess solvent and release warm air.

Ironing comes last in the process because once the clothes go through the entire dry-cleaning process, they will have wrinkles on them. We depend on the type of the fabric to decide on the temperature of ironing. Whether the material is cotton, silk, polyester or wool, the temperature in ironer would be different. Our professional ironing makes the fabric look brighter.

Because we care for your wedding dress, we would like to remind you about some steps before sending the wedding gown to be cleaned:



A perfect appearance takes some work, but Door 2 Door Dry Cleaning can provide compared to none shirt cleaning services, exactly the way you like it: folded or on hangars, lots of starch or just a little. All you have to do is mentioning your needs in your online account and we’ll deliver expert shirt cleaning, on time, every time.



Any dry-cleaning service can clean your shirts, but Door 2 Door picks up your laundry right at your home or office. Our services are co-ordinated through an easy-to-use online system for a fast, convenient, and top-notch shirt cleaning service. Pickup and delivery services are available all over the GTA, Aurora, Stouffville, and Newmarket.



Although we exercise great care in cleaning your garments and follow the instructions on the care label, we do not accept responsibility for damage of laundry or dry cleaning resulting from the normal process of cleaning. This includes loss of buttons, beading, or accessories or any items left in pockets. Nor do we accept responsibility for fading, shrinkage or dyes which are liable to run or dissolve in the process of cleaning.

Liability of loss or damage will be limited to an amount not exceeding 5 times the cleaning charge of the item.
All claims must be made within 24 hours after delivery of garments and must be accompanied by the original docket and the garment concerned.