Area Rug Cleaning


Rugs and carpets back to shine! We provide expert rug and carpet cleaning of any size or type, including antique or modern fashions. All rug and carpet cleaning services use our delicate, non-abrasive cleaning process, guaranteed not to harm your carpets.

It worth mentioning that we also specialise in Oriental, Persian and contemporary rugs. Our cleaning process extends the life of the rug which will undergo a deep cleaning process. The fabric will be prevented from being stretched, and there is almost no possibility of any shrinkage.

Our rugs and carpets cleaning process includes: Clean, Sanitise and Protect treatments.  As well as stubborn stain removal, we also remove bacteria caused by pets and general soiling. Your rug is then given a protective treatment to help resist future soiling and staining. Protect treatments are recommended if your rug has a high wool content. Contact us for further details about our specialist Rug Cleaning service.

We will pick up your carpets at your door and return them looking fresh and clean! Our pick-up and delivery services are available everywhere in the GTA, Newmarket, Stouffville, and Aurora. Our carpet cleaning services are done with speed, ease and convenience.

Our count must be accepted in case of discrepancies. Although we exercise great care in cleaning your rugs and carpets, and follow the instructions on the care label, we do not accept responsibility for damage of laundry or dry cleaning resulting from the normal process of cleaning. This also includes fading, shrinkage, or dyes which are liable to run or dissolve in the process of cleaning.

Liability of loss or damage will be limited to an amount not exceeding 5 times the cleaning charge of the item. All claims must be made within 24 hours after delivery of rugs or carpets. Claims must also be accompanied by the original docket and the garment concerned.