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UGGS & Shoe Cleaning

Protect your favorite UGG products with Door2Door to keep them looking new.

Uggs boots are your winter partner because they provide the warmth and comfort you seek. This is for the delicate sheepskin fibers in Ugg boots; also, this kind of fibers is difficult to clean. Natural wool-lined sheepskin must be carefully hand cleaned in a safe, effective manner by dry cleaning experts, us.

You should have your Uggs boots professionally cleaned before the water, snow and salt causes lasting damage to your favourite sheepskin boots. Storing your boots over spring and summer months with water and salt stains can damage the natural animal skins. Therefore, you should get your Uggs cleaned by Door2Door.

Our experts will remove salt and water stains, clean and deodorize the interior and touch up the dye so the skins look like new again.

Ugg Footwear Care Tips

  1. When not in wear, store upright in a well-ventilated place.
  2. Maintain shape by stuffing them with a rolled-up magazine or paper towels.
  3. Sprinkle baking powder or baby powder inside to combat odors.

Summer is a great time to have them cleaned so they’re ready to wear when the temperature drops and it’s time to cover your toes again!