Fur Cleaning & Storage

The life of your fur garment will be extended by professional cleaning and care. You should never try to clean a fur garment at home or use a commercial solvent or dry cleaner. Cleaning fur and fur-trimmed apparel should ALWAYS be annually, or as necessary. A professional furrier like Door 2 Door Company must be hired.

Did you know?
Solvents used in standard dry-cleaning processes may leave the fur flat or may cause the fur to fall out in some instances. Unlike cloth, which is cleaned by immersion, fur is cleaned by abrasion.

Fur Cleaning & Storage

Winter quickly transitions into an early spring. Where it is the time to ensure the care and longevity of your fur coats and shearlings by cleaning and storing them in a professional and safe environment. Keep your fur coat or shearling looking and feeling fresh and new. Use Door2Door for your cold storage and fur cleaning for the spring and summer. You will be glad you did!

Fur Glazing

Fur Glazing is process of bringing out the natural luster and sheen of a fur after it has been cleaned. It involves a steaming and ironing process that differs with each type of fur. Glazing will restore the life, luster and beauty of your garment. Fur cleaning is performed by hand using a mild biodegradable fur cleaning solution delicately sprayed into the fur by our professional fur cleaner. The cleaning solution, carefully removes dirt and excess oil from the coat. This process is the safest and most efficient way of cleaning your fur. Expert Cleaning in Shearling Fur and Expert in Shearling Alterations and Repair.

We Do Not Tumble or Drum You Fur
in Our Fur Cleaning Process!