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Let’s be realistic – life is hectic, and the most precious thing you have is your valuable time.
There simply are not enough hours in the day to get everything done! At Door2Door Dry Cleaning, our goal is to make your life easier.  We offer a free pick-up and drop-off service to your home or office absolutely FREE within 48h! Take advantage of this great service!

Have more time for things that matter!

1. Dry Cleaning Service

We don’t only offer one of the fast and most convenient dry-cleaning services in Toronto. We also take pride in our attention to details and quality service which are second to none. We inspect every single item from the very first steps of cleaning to the final touch. Add to that, we make minor repairs before cleaning and also after the final inspection of the item. We always make sure our services are customized to match your needs.

2. Wash & Fold Laundry Service

We have designed state-of-the-art laundry facilities to meet all your requirements. We only use a special detergent exclusively developed for different types of fabric. The best quality for your laundered items is guaranteed. Moreover, laundered shirts are offered both hanged and folded to perfection.

3. Household Curtain & blind cleaning

Removing, cleaning, drying and re-installing your curtains are our responsibility. We guarantee super shinning curtains. You will enjoy the quality of our service. This means that our service is effective, safe and result in a healthy environment.

4. Wedding Dresses

Hiring a professional to clean your gown is the secret to cleaning and preserving it. As each dress is a special one, we promise that your wedding dress remains spotless and soft. We will also deliver it to you after cleaning, at your convenience. Wedding dresses and ball gowns are always dry cleaned with extra care.

5. Uggs

You can always put your Ugg Boots cleaning services at ease with Door 2 Door company. You can always count on us to provide the attention and care you need for your Ugg Boots. To order us, click here for more information about our services. Cleaning items tailored sheepskin requires expert knowledge and that’s why you should trust Door 2 Door professionals.

6. Leather & Suede Dry Cleaning

At Door 2 Door, we make the hardest stains, cracks, and even scratches disappear while maintaining the natural appearance of clothing. We remove dirt and stains, and we add natural oils, tannins, and conditioners that are usually lost due to normal tear and wear.

7. Rug & Carpet Cleaning

Using the latest technology, Door 2 Door offers a professional rug & Carpet cleaning service in Toronto and the surrounding areas. All types and sizes of rugs & carpets can be cleaned. Our experts leave your items bright, fresh and clean.

8. Fur Cleaning & Storage

Protecting the quality of your fur garments is our target. Just like human hair, a fur also tends to become greasy and dirty with time and wear. 100% Quality Assured. After a harsh winter, solvents, salt, dust, dirt must be gently removed from your furs. We follow various processes that help preserve your furs and extending their life span.

9. Repairing

One of our duties is ensuring that your wardrobe fits you precisely as you desire. Therefore, in addition to laundry and dry cleaning, we offer various repairs, such as; zipper changing, button replacement, and others.

10. Commercial Cleaning

Protecting your investment is a must. Therefore, regular professional dry-cleaning will help prolong the life of your carpets, upholstery, curtains, duvets, towels…etc. This will result in saving you money in the long run. As an office or a hotel, you should benefit from regular cleaning to provide a healthy, clean environment for staff and customers which helps in maintaining your image.

New customers save $10.00 automatically! on your first dry cleaning order.

Customer Reviews
  • Amazing quick and friendly service! I had two duvets and a sleeping bag dry cleaned....absolutely awesome results. What was almost ready for the garbage, came back to me looking brand new!! I will definitely use Door2Door again - HIGHLY recommend 🙂

    thumb Ar Larkin
    February 22, 2019
  • Fast, friendly, professional and door to door? What could be better? I used door2door for the first time and was extremely pleased with the results. The customer service was amazing and I highly recommend them. I will use them again and again.

    thumb Roanne Goldsman
    March 29, 2019
  • Excellent work! LOVING the door to door service, very convenient for large items or large group of items. Had a wedding dress I bought on a sample sale cleaned - all stains in the lining and on outside lace GONE! Thought I needed Ivory accessories but it turns out the dress was actually WHITE!!! HAH!

    thumb KT Fraser
    January 14, 2019
  • I have been impressed by the service offered by Door2Door. They have been incredibly accommodating no matter what time I have sent through my requests. I have been really happy with both the service and the quality of the cleaning. Keep up the good work!

    thumb Rocky Curcio
    March 16, 2019
  • Excellent service! VERY fast, convenient and great prices too! Fred and his team are amazing - I gave in my Canada Goose jacket that had oil stains and got it back looking completely brand new ! Thank you Door2Door

    thumb Dina Chauhan
    January 15, 2019